The Korean Society of Pesticide Science

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The Korean Journal of Pesticide Science - Vol. 26 , No. 1
1. p. 1 Antibacterial Activity of Bacillus sp. B19-108 Against Phytopathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris
Eun-Jae Park, Young-Hee Kim, Ji-Yeon Park, Chan Sun Park, Young-Ho Kim, Eun-Suk Yang, Seung-Jae Lee, Seung Woong Lee

4. p. 27 Effects of Temperature and Overwintering on Insecticide Toxicity to Small Brown Planthopper
In-Hong Jeong, Sung-Wook Jeon, Sang-Ku Lee, Si Woo Lee, Deok Ho Kwon, Young Ho Koh, Si Hyeock Lee

6. p. 43 Time-dependent Change of Host by Nematicide Tree Injection and Pine Wood Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Inoculation in Two Pine Species, Pinus densiflora and P. thunbergii
Jae-hyuk Choi, Jong-woon Lee, Ho-wook Lee, Cheol Jang, Yi Seul Kim, Mwamula Abraham Okki, Nguyen Manh Ha, Jong Kyu Lee, Haerim Han, Young Woo Nam, DongWoon Lee

8. p. 65 Residual Characteristics and Risk assessments of Afidopyropen, Pydiflumetofen and Mefentrifluconazole in Perilla Leaves
Joo Un Park, Byung Jin Bae, Sang Won Woo, Hye Jin Jeong, You Jin Jang, Jong Woo Park, Seok Chai, Kun Sik Lee, Young Soo Keum, Kee Sung Kyung, Jang Eok Kim, Tae Hwa Kim